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Loyalty Program

Thank you for being a loyal and consistent Dogtown Pet Spa customer. We are incredibly grateful for your continued support and to reward you for your support we have a loyalty program that rewards your loyalty based on how much you spend at LP4 Dogtown Pet Spa.

Each customer will be given 1 point on their profile for each dollar spend. These points will be automatically incurred based on the subtotal (pre-tax value) of each completed invoice attached to your account.  You can redeem these points for store credit based on the reward tier you reach. Here are our Reward Tiers:


Store Credit
500 $10
1000 $25
2500 $75
4000 $160
5500 $275
7000 $420
8500 $595
10000 $800


  • 1 Day of Daycare – 34 points
  • 10-day Boarding Package for a large dog – 510 points
  • Premium Play subscription (one month) – 525 points.

Once a tier has been reached, our staff will be able to redeem points for the corresponding account credit.  You can then apply these credits in the cart at checkout towards any charges. You can see your point balances and history on your Customer Portal.