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Dog & Cat Daycare

Daycare for your pets is based on our all-day play model. This means your four-legged friend will spend the duration of their visit socializing with playmates and engaging with our experienced handlers.

Daycare Pricing

Full Day: 5 Hours or More


Additional Family Members: $27

Half Day: 5 Hours or Less


Additional Family Members: $23

Cats - Full Day Only


Only available at St. George & South Jordan facilities.

Additional Services and Fees

Birthday Package Special


Cuddle Time Session


Play Time Session


Peanut Butter Kong Play


Early Drop-Off (15 Minutes Before Opening)


Late Pick-Up (15 Minutes After Closing)


Vet Transportation Fee (Our Vet)


Vet Transportation Fee (Your Vet)


Food Bagging Fee (Per Meal)


Extra Owner Provided Meal (Per Meal)


House Food (Per Meal)


Medication Fee (Pills/Shots)

$8 / $12

Follow the leader

Kong add-on