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The Dogtown Way

What is your why? This question is responsible for orchestrating the framework behind what we do, who we are, and what we hope to become at Dogtown. From our wonderful team, to our loyal customers and their beloved pets, to Utah’s growing pet community as a whole, our organization approaches each and every relationship, interaction, and partnership with an unwavering desire to make a difference. 

 Our unique experiences in the pet care industry have led us down a series of varying avenues- some with undeniable success and others that presented far more trials than victory laps. It has been through these experiences, particularly the times of trial, that our company has fine-tuned our purpose, our “why”,  and our bigger picture. The ability to make a difference, cultivate a lasting positive impact, and to put it simply, the ability to help others, is an invaluable piece of our organization. 

 We are lucky to find such purpose in something with very little in terms of a ceiling. This absence of barriers affords our company with unlimited freedom in both the nature and the scope of our impact. On a scale within the walls of our facilities, we continually make a difference in the lives of our team members. At Dogtown, we welcome employees of varying backgrounds and abilities to join our team. We facilitate a culture of acceptance, understanding, and growth for all individuals. We are proud to open doors for those who may have been previously denied such opportunities as a result of other obstacles in their lives. There is a place for everyone at Dogtown, and we find such purpose in guiding the unique individuals on our team one step closer to their goals. 

 Over time, we realized that confining our impact to the walls of our facilities only acts as a partial fulfillment of the organization’s purpose. We looked to the pet community for opportunities to extend the scope of the Dogtown Difference. We were met with a community of organizations with differing backgrounds and specialties. However, despite these variables, there was a unifying factor across the board- a call for assistance in order to best serve animals in need. We quickly realized that we could play a role in making a difference for these rescue organizations and the animals they impact, and that is when the relationships began taking shape. We are proud to partner with various shelters and rescue organizations in the Salt Lake and St. George area to provide training and lodging to adoptable dogs free of charge, act as a source of guidance in the adoption journey for prospective families, host adoption events, and organize donation drives to provide our wonderful partner organizations with resources to better serve the animals in their care. 

 At Dogtown, we are committed to this purpose and living out our “why” with intention, whether this relates to our team closer to home or the broader pet community. The opportunities we have to see this purpose at work each and every day drive us to continue making a difference for the members of our Dogtown Family.

Meet Our Team

Meet the team who takes care of your pet.


General Manager

Makenzie is our general manager.


Operations Manager

Abby is operations manager responsible for all aspects of providing for pets.



Angel is one of our supervisors and our process owner for yard operations.


Head Dog Trainer

Maren is our most experienced trainer.



Jacque is one of our supervisors and process owner for front end operations.



Jared is one of the founders of Dogtown and works with the leadership team to take care of the pets.