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Doesn’t your furry friend deserve the spa treatment?

Award Winning Service

Welcome to the finest luxury pet spa for boarding, daycare, grooming and training in Utah! We have it all in one place.  Our awards include:

– 2023, 2022. 2021, 2020 Best of Southern Utah’s Gold for Pet Boarding & Daycare

-2023, 2022 Best of Southern Utah’s Gold for Dog Training

-2023, 2022, 2021, 2020 Best of Southern Utah’s Silver for Grooming

-2021 Best of Southern Utah’s Silver for Dog Training

We are a Better Business Bureau Accredited Business.

We are also part of the 2020 Stay Safe Stay Open Pledge for Utah Business.

Pets (and their owners) love us! See what they’re saying

Makenzie Moeai is an amazing dog trainer. We sent our 7 month old Goldador puppy Brody to her for ideal dog training/ puppy boot camp. We were not really too sure what to expect from the training. Our puppy Brody had always been very rambunctious and he was not a great listener. Brody thrived under Makenzie's training. She taught him sit, stay, down, kennel, place and heel. We were so surprised when we picked up Brody and he was just sitting in place with another dog. He was so well behaved! Makenzie treated our puppy Brody like family and sent us pictures of him daily. We cannot say enough about the amazing experience we had at Dog Town. We continued practicing the commands Makenzie taught us and Brody. Our puppy is now the well behaved dog we had always hoped he would be. We can now eat in peace while he's in place and he is such a great walker. No pulling or jumping on people. Thank you so much to Makenzie and also Danette! You are the best!

Ron Hutchison

This is the best place to take your doggies for day care, boarding, training, and grooming. I absolutely adore these people. Before I found them I took my pups to boarding place last minute and cried when I drove away because I didn’t like them. I call Dogtown summer camp, because they send you daily report cards of your dogs with pictures and captions and you can tell they really care. It’s like dropping your dog off at a friend’s house! Also they did a great job giving Milo his first haircut. The boys come home happy and exhausted from playing every time we take them 💕.

Marcia Mercer

I can’t say enough good things about this place and I didn’t even use their training services. We’ve taken our dog here when we would go on vacations for about 4 years now and he absolutely loved it. His tail would wag excitedly and he would smile as we pulled up. We recently had to put our sweet dog down but Dogtown was so thoughtful and sent us a card with a couple of pictures of our dog included inside. It was so thoughtful! We will for sure use them in the future with our future dog. Thank you Dogtown, you guys are incredible. ❤

Andrea Ahyou

When we had a minor fire in our home that required everyone to move out due to the smoke damage (kitchen fire and a lot of melted plastic) we were scrambling last minute to find somewhere that my son's emotional support cats could stay. Dogtown Pet Spa – St. George was able to board them last minute on a weekend AND has been willing to let my son come to visit the cats daily. This has been helpful for all of us as I don't have to worry about finding a safe space for the cats and my son is still able to spend time with the animals that help calm him down when he's anxious and stressed (which anyone in this situation would be). The staff has been especially kind and supportive of us at this time. I would definitely recommend them to anyone needing to board a pet.

Kathi-Ann Busha

This is the best place we've ever taken our dogs, either for a play day or overnight (and we've tried a lot of them)! The entire staff is amazing! They deeply care for the dogs and when you're there, it's like you are visiting friends. Our dogs are always excited when they arrive, and many times don't want to leave when we pick them up! They want to stay... in fact, they'd stay forever if they could! We highly recommend this place.

Robert Nutter

We have sent our dogs to this kennel for about seven years, when it was first owned by Marilyn and then Steve. We checkout out every one in St. George and based on word-of-mouth choice this one. We traveled frequently for many years and recently our two dog left us. We always purchased their 20-day -- maybe 21 -- discount plan and found ourselves unable to use it. You can be happy with a company but you never know who they are until there is a problem. We had a $1200 plan that we could not used. They refunded it in full. Enough said. And yes the dogs loved going there; at lease I think that's what they said as they barked and jumped when we got there. Highly recommended.

Eddie Joseph

Downtown’s "In House" Training was like a miracle for my 2 - 11 month old labs. The two trainers, Makenzie and Maren were so wonderful! During Chawk and Rio's training for 2 weeks they learned so many "GOOD DOG" manners that our home is normal again. When I dropped the 2 puppies off I didn't think I was going to be a basket case, I thought it would be just fine, but by that night I was clearly more attached than I thought. So the next day I called Makenzie and told her I was going to forfeit my money and I was coming to get my puppies and just forget the whole training thing...but after her talking to me for 20 minutes and her reassuring me that this was going to be a "GREAT" experience for both me and the puppies I agreed to leave them there and she would send me text messages throughout each day for the next 2 weeks to let me know they were okay, so we went forward with the training and I am so thankful that I did. Because of Makenzie and Maren, I have 2 trained lab puppies that are brothers, who used to be non separable, wouldn't sleep in separate kennels, who had to do everything together but will now do things without the other, and will even do commands the first time. (with a little help of a I would recommend DogTown Pet Spa Training (Sandy location) to anyone who is like me and wouldn't trust their fur babies to just anyone. Thank you, again for everything. Shauna, Chawk and Rio

Shauna Noble

Welcome to the finest luxury pet spa in Utah