I have been taking my Golden Retriever, Molly, to Dogtown for the last 10 months. Every time I drop her off, she is so excited to see her dog buddies and have fun playing and socializing. The facility is undergoing some wonderful upgrades. I’m always amazed by how clean everything is. While the physical facility is great, it’s the people that makes it so special. Every day she’s greeted by the staff with love and affection…it’s what she thrives on. She is so happy at Dogtown. It was a blessing for me to fine them.

Steve Harms

Argo LOVES going to daycare. The people at Dogtown are friendly, knowledgeable, and very committed to keep the dogs safe, happy and engaged. The facility is spacious and clean. I am very happy that I found a place for Argo to socialize and have fun.

Donata T.

I was having trouble with my dog lunging at other dogs while on walks and asked for help from Nellie. Nellie worked so well with Barley, and in just a couple of training sessions, he (and I) were fixed! I really appreciated the in-depth work Nellie did to find out the source of the issue, and then worked with Barley, but especially me, to help me realize what I was doing to contribute to the problem. I would go back to Nellie for any issue I was having. She is absolutely great with dogs – and humans!

Mary A.

Nellie provided information and examples that gave us a lot of help with our dog. I am really grateful for the progress that our pup has made with Nellie’s help. She was always very reliable, on time, professional, and had lots of great ideas.

Joyce Sibbett

I highly recommend Nellie for dog training! I have a St Bernard, Harlee, who has been aggressive and anxious to the point I could not take her on walks or have friends over. I found Nellie at Dogtown Petspa and she has changed our lives! She not only taught Harlee behavior modifications, but taught my family how to set and keep boundaries. We know what behaviors to watch for when she is feeling protective and how to intervene. We can safely take Harlee on walks now!! Definite 5 stars!!!

Char smith

Our Vizsla, Indie, went to Sandy for Legend Training while we went to CA, when we came back she acted like a different dog( after the initial silliness when she first saw us). Nellie did a wonderful job training her, it was amazing to see her “Heel” right by our side and “Place” when told to! Nellie has a way with dogs, I know Indie misses her now that she is home because they had a great bond. I look forward to our next three lessons to show Nellie how far she has progressed. Thank you Nellie!

Lori Wilbur-Martin

Max loves Connie your groomer! She is top notch, best in Saint George in my opinion, and we’ve been to alot of others here in town. Max has anxiety and she is so sweet to him, and he looks so handsome after. Thank you Connie for your top notch services!